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Audiophile Review’s First Annual Citizen Journalist Award

Steven Stone has complained about amateur reviews in the past, but sometimes he must doff his hat in response to a job supremely well done…


One of the nice things about having a website is that you can,
for no reason other than your own, declare an award anytime you like for
virtually anything you choose. Industry publications are especially generous in handing out awards,
as is the CEA around CES time. But, between you, me, and the wallpost, that’s
all just feel-good fluff designed to generate grip and grins (what
photographers call shots where two or more people stand there, smiling, shaking
hands for some “important” occasion).

Now for a real award, an award that means something I’m initiating “Audiophile Review’s Best Citizen Journalist Award – 2012.” Yes, I know 2012 is
far from over, but I don’t think anyone is going to touch David Soloman’s Homeresque odyssey “Battle Of The Flagships (50+ Headphones Compared).”

This review is award-worthy not merely because of its scope
and ambition (anyone can dream) but because of its rigorous execution and
layout. After a couple of minutes perusing this magnum opus I can only marvel at
David’s dedication and attention to detail.

If all “amateur” reviews were this well written and
comprehensive, all us pros would be out of work. Fortunately, for my bank
account, this is not the case. Congratulations, David, for a job supremely well
done – now go back to your real job and get off my lawn…

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