Month: March 2011

5 Cable Combos That Won’t Break the Bank

Cables • 2 Comments

Cables can be a tricky thing for a lot of audiophiles to wrap their heads around, especially when they cost a pretty penny. Andrew Robinson presents five cable ideas that will help out your system.

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The Cello Demo And Why It Worked So Well

Amps • 5 Comments

Cello had a unique philosophy as high end audiophile company. They operated differently than traditional brands and it worked. It worked...

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Wanna Be a Patron? Join Kickstarter

Audiophile Music

Music lovers are people that like to support music and the artists that produce it, some may even harbor the idea of being a patron. With...

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The Rise of In-Wall Loudspeakers

Affordable Speakers • 2 Comments

In-wall speakers used to be a joke, sacrilegious even. But with several companies making the advancements to the in-wall loudspeaker design, not only are they viable, they are rather impressive in their sound.

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Apple Becomes a Must-Have Audiophile Source at CES 2011


Apple has changed the audio world over and over again. Some would argue for the worse. But at CES 2011, many companies famous for...

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5 Commonly Used Acoustic Treatments That DON’T Work

Room Acoustics • 16 Comments

Acoustic treatments are a bit of a mystery for some, which is a shame as they are so important to the sound of a room. Andrew Robinson...

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Sony Unveils New 7.1 Receivers

Audiophile News

Sony wants to help everyone embrace the idea of 7.1 sound with their new line of receivers that offer all the bells and whistles of modern AV technology but a price that is a rather incredible bargain.

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Audiophile Review Interviews David Salz of WireWorld


Steven Stone conducted an interview with David Salz of WireWorld. David Salz answers questions about the nature of wire and cable and how...

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