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Sony Unveils New 7.1 Receivers

Sony wants to help everyone embrace the idea of 7.1 sound with their new line of receivers that offer all the bells and whistles of modern AV technology but a price that is a rather incredible bargain.

AR - sony rcvr.jpgWhile most of the tech world waits on Apple’s latest product announcements, Sony has unveiled a new line of AV receivers that feature a ton of value for less than the cost of a new iPad.


Starting with the $230 list price STR-DH520, the new line features six HD inputs and support for 3D, Dolby True HD and DTS Master Audio. If you move up to the $300 STR-DH720 you get a built-in scaler that uses Faroudja’s DCDi technology.


The $500 top of the line STR-DN1020 includes Sony’s Digital Cinema Auto Calibration, and a microphone to insure a proper set-up in any environment. The unit supports dual subwoofer line-level outputs and a second zone and even comes with an iPhone iPod Touch remote control App.


 The first of these new pieces will be available in March.

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