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Sony Launches Music Streaming Service – The sound of one shoe dropping…

Sony has released a new streaming music service for consumers, one which might put it ahead of its competition in terms of access but could fall behind in terms or the audio quality.

AR-SonyLogo.jpgSony’s new streaming music service is going live Wednesday in the UK and Ireland, just in time for their holidays. This subscription service will give users access to 6 million songs that can be streamed to Sony devices such as the Play Station 3 and Bravia TVs. Big yawn.

The information that would most interest both audiophiles and tech geeks alike is the big question, “What will the bit-rate and bit density of the new streaming site be?” The press release doesn’t mention the Mp3 resolution or audio quality of the audio stream, which means that it will most likely be low to medium resolution at best.

When will someone at Sony realize that the way to make “Music Unlimited powered by Qriocity” something other than just another mediocre me-too streaming service is to offer higher quality sonics. Until then, it will be just another streaming service, undistiguished, and without any compelling reason to exist.

It’s quite obvious that streaming music is here to stay. But when will the majors realize the obvious – that compressed lossy music is not compelling or involving and will not pull anyone away from their video or gaming consoles. Only music that grabs a consumers attention stands a ghost of a chance against the allure of other media, and the only music that can do that is full-resolution and high resolution music.

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