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The Detroit Symphony Orchestra Strike

The Detroit Symphony Orchestra musicians are locked in a long and difficult battle. For information on what is going on in Detroit and if there is anything you can do to help, look no further.


If you’re in or going to be in Detroit for the holiday season and were looking forward to hearing the Detroit Symphony performing a holiday concert, the good news is that you can still hear first-class classical music, but it won’t be from the Detroit Symphony.

The musicians in the Detroit symphony have been on strike for ten weeks and the impasse with the orchestra’s board of directors shows no signs of abating.
If you want to hear the musicians’ side of the story go here:

This site is will also inform you about holiday concerts that will be held to support the musicians’ efforts to retain a living wage. You can also donate to their cause via Paypal through the site.

If you don’t want to support the musicians you can always go to a Pistons game and while you’re there try asking a pro basketball player if they would surrender some of their salary just because the NBA tells them they should…

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