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How to Put a Subwoofer in its Place

There can be a lot of equipment involved with setting up a subwoofer. Which also means a lot of time. However, there is an easy and quick way to do it. It is called the “quick and dirty flip flop.”

AR-ventosub850r-1.jpgThere are many ways to figure out the best place to put
subwoofers in a room. Most involve measurement and then interpreting the
measurements. But what if you don’t have any measuring tools? How do you find
the best place to put a subwoofer sans tests, numbers, graphic displays and
automatic room correction systems? Easy. Just do the “quick and dirty flip
flop.” It’s even G-rated.

Here’s the drill: Put your subwoofer at your primary
listening position, hook it up and put on something with bass info. Then walk
around your room and stand in the various places where you could put a
subwoofer and listen for the quality of the bass. Some spots will have too
little bass and some too much. Pick the spot where the bass is most to your
liking, and put the subwoofer there. Game over.

Sure, you can run some tests to confirm what your ears are
hearing if you wish, but if you go for the quick and dirty flip flop, I
guarantee you that you will be quite pleased by the results. 

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