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Paul’s New Room

Steven Stone visit’s Paul McGowan at PS Audio to see his new reference listening room…


I’ve known Paul McGowan, owner and chief designer at PS Audio, for over thirty years. And since he lives in Boulder we try to get together on a regular basis.

Yesterday we got together for lunch, and after lunch we went back to the PS Audio factory where Paul showed me his new listening room. It’s been designed to accommodate his latest reference – an Infinity IRS speaker system. Given the IRS system’s size and ability to produce prodigious amounts of bass, it’s not the kind of speaker you can just plop down in any sized room and expect it to sound its best, or even decent. Paul knows that and has had to completely redesign his sound room to take advantage of the IRS’s capabilities while handling its potential problems.

And while an article describing the process would be interesting and useful, Paul has gone one better – he’s been creating a series of You Tube videos documenting the process from the beginning stages through the final installation. Along the way Paul includes some excellent technical explanations for why he’s making the physical changes to his room. His explanation and description of the Hemholtz resonators he’s building is simply the best explanation of their use, design, and implementation I’ve seen. It’s so good it makes me want to build a new listening room just so I can assemble a couple of Hemholtz resonators myself.

Paul has also been doing a series of daily Blogs that cover many fundamental technical issues of sound reproduction. Once again Paul ‘s descriptions of how capacitors work and why they’re used in audio designs is so clear that even I can understand the theory behind their use.

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