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Why CES Sucks and Rules

Steven Stone hates and loves CES. Here are a few of the myriad of reasons…


CES sucks because you are stuck in Vegas with 150,000 people
you don’t know.

CES rules cause you get to see your friends for at least
fifteen seconds every year.


CES sucks because it’s too big and there’s never enough time to
see everyone.

CES rules because you can actually meet people face to face.


CES sucks because you have to spend four days on your feet from
8:00 AM to 7:00 PM (at least.)

CES rules because once a year you can discover if you are really
as fit as you think you are.


CES sucks because there’s too little signal and too much noise.

CES rules because if you dare to venture in the North Hall (Mordor)
you may discover a treasure.


CES sucks because there is no way to cover the CES and The Show
in four days.

CES rules because it makes you set priorities.


CES sucks because it makes you realize half the stuff in your
system is already obsolete.

CES rules because it lets you see the future.

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