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NYC Retailer Set To Sell Audiophile Gear At 33,000 Feet

Andy Singer’s new retailing plan takes wings…


When Andrew Singer closed his longtime primary NYC location, some people figured he was retiring from the audio retailing biz, but that wasn’t the case. Singer had something big in mind. “I’ve always wondered what would happen if I could bring my shop to my customers, instead of the other way around. For years, I have been trying to explain to audiophile companies that my business isn’t local, but international.” With rents soaring in Manhattan despite a sour post-2008 economy, Singer sought higher enlightenment. Much higher enlightenment.

Inspiration stuck right after New Year’s literally walked the halls of the Venetian Hotel 2013 CES. “I was in the Venetian when I physically ran into Sheldon Adelson [who owns the Venetian]. I didn’t really know who he was right off the bat, but we got to talking, He asked me about my business, as I guess he’s a bit of an audiophile, and I did the same. I told him about the astronomically high rents in Manhattan for retail and how I was looking for a new angle. That’s when he told me about the success he was having buying and repurposing aircraft – in his case, making flying casinos that went from Las Vegas to locations like Macao, Moscow and beyond.That’s when we first discussed the idea of a flying audiophile store. It just ran from there.”

With a new, well-heeled partner (Adelson is one of the biggest supporters of the GOPand with a rash of major airline consolidations, there were many very affordably-priced jets just waiting to be refurbished and repurposed, but this time, with audio in mind.  FAA approval for the plan was easier than one might have imagined. The hardest part of flying with an entire active audiophile system and a cargo bay loaded with every imaginable audiophile component, from the likes of Krell, Magico and Transparent Audio, was dealing with the plane’s acoustics. “Obviously, the demos are better done on the ground, but we can make some fine sound at 33,000 feet and we are packing video with DirecTV as well as satellite Internet. It’s great!” Singer says with a gleam in his eye.

Singer is expecting to take delivery on his new “flying showroom” this summer, assuming there are no unforeseen delays. He can be reached at 212.924.8600. He is planning showroom tours this summer that include flights to London and Dubai, as well as a trip to Las Vegas around next January’s 2014 Consumer Electronics Show.



BTW: April Fools …the real contact info is as follows, really…

Sound by Singer ,Ltd.

242 w. 27 Street,second floor
New York N.Y. 10001
212 924 – 8600
917- 414 8760




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