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Focal and Naim Are Now One

I now pronounce you MERGED. Another strategic merger as hi-fi companies hunker down for the times to come…

AR-focal-and-naim.jpgAccording to am August 19th press release Focal and Naim will merge to form Focal & Co, which will own and manage both the Focal and Naim brands.

Although this is a merger rather than a takeover, the firm’s title, Focal & Co, gives us some insight into the nature of the new enterprise. Focal, known for their speakers and raw drivers, and Naim, who’ve been making hi-fi electronics for more than thirty-five years, have complementary lines of products that should allow both to profit from the merger. Paul Stephenson, a Naim board member wrote, “We can achieve far more together than would have been possible alone.”

 We shall see…

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