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Audio and Civility

Sometimes you have to wonder about people. Why do so many of us feel compelled to be hostile towards other people with different opinions?


Yesterday I received this comment to one of my posts:

 – “I responded to your
humorous article… You missed the main problem.. the source of the music
enough said… No DAC in the world or amp can fix that…. I saw your
equipment… I have similar… When I saw you mentioned over priced cables I
laughed… You surely are an example of the “out of touch”
Audiophile… I won’t debate you it’s senseless you see things from a consumer
standpoint I see things from 3 sides The Audio Engineering side, The computer
Engineering side and also the Audiophile side… I hope you take the time to
fix this retarded display of telling people nonsense and being one of the
problems we have in the Audio reproduction field .. Congrats on being dumb as

Obviously there’s a multiplicity of ways to react to a post
like this. My initial response was to write, “Dear illiterate and rude reader…”
and you can imagine the rest, but that would be a waste of my time.

Now, I wish that I could
write that rude notes and ugly interactions between audiophiles were rare and
isolated occurrences, but anyone who’s been involved in audio for any length of
time has probably seen ample amounts of nastiness. The Audio Asylum is justly infamous
for its venom. And never, in all my years in audio (and life), has a
contentious and heated discussion EVER led to anything positive. Sure, there
are plenty of people in the industry I don’t agree with, but there’s no one I
would ever call “dumb as shit” no matter what their point of view.

Yes, I realize that for some folks being a “hater” is so tied
into who they think they are that they could no more stop being little balls of
spite than stop breathing. I avoid these kinds of people since they are the
human equivalent of cancer cells.

So, the next time I write something you disagree with and need
to write a response, please use the above of an example of everything NOT to
do. As with most public interactions with strangers, if you follow the golden
rule and treat them as you want and expect to be treated, you will get much further
in life. 

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