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A Viper’s Guide to Rocky Mountain Audio Fest

A short cautionary primer about hemp and Rocky Mountain Audio Fest…

Alright. You’re coming to RMAF from a less-enlightened state and while you’re here I expect some of you are going to want to visit a retail pot shop. There are many recreational retail shops north of the RMAF venue in Denver, but none are near the hotel. If you have a rental car there are a plethora of options within a ½ hour drive – if you try to cab it you might spend more on cab fare than on herb. Look at Leafly for a map and reviews of the shops and their wares. FYI – retail shops only take cash (due to banks reticence to do business with such establishments.)

AR-marry1a.jpgOnce you have obtained some marijuana you will discover that it was far easier to buy than it is to use – your hotel may even have had you sign a “I will not smoke dope in my room” letter. The general rule is that wherever you can smoke cigarettes you can smoke marijuana, but there are very few public areas in Colorado that permit smoking. Aye, there’s the rub. There was ONE outdoor cigarette smoking area at the Marriott, behind the bar.

You also might want to try using a vaporizer instead of smoking – most retail shops have a variety of pen-vape devices that are very similar to what nicotine users employ but contain cannabis oil instead of nicotine fluid. No smoke equals less smell as well as far fewer particulates getting into your lungs. There are also some portable vaporizers that take leaf but they are usually larger and less inconspicuous than the oil-pens.

AR-mary3a.jpgAnother option are marijuana “edibles” which come in the form of pot-infused cookies, candies, cakes, and fudge. The problem with edibles is that it’s far too easy to over-indulge and find the effects too intense. If you do try edibles go easy and don’t do more because after ½ hour you don’t feel anything. Wait. And if you’ve never tried edibles before, a public gathering is probably not the ideal place to start since the effects are quite different than when you smoke or vaporize marijuana.

If you’re the outlaw type who fully intends to smoke in their hotel room (don’t say I didn’t warn you) you might want to pick up a Smoke Buddy for the trip. This device will, if used right, absorb all the smell and smoke from your exhalations. It would be a shame to find yourself hotel-room-less because of a wayward puff or two.

Enjoy RMAF.

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