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My Kickstarter Headphone Amplifier Gamble

Occasionally something comes along that is so intriguing that even Steven Stone can’t resist buying it blind…


About a month ago I noticed a new offering on Kickstarter that
caught my attention. It was for a silicon carbide headphone amplifier with the
unfortunate name,
Sicphone. But despite the moniker, the SicPhone headphone
amplifier looked like a very good headphone amplifier at a very attractive
price. So, as an early 61
st birthday present to myself I pledged
$279 for a full-assembled version (a kit version was available for $229) and
then, frankly, I forgot all about my pledge.

A couple of days ago I received an email in my junk mail folder
informing me that the Sicphone Kickstarter project was fully funded and
Kickstarter was billing $279 from my credit card account. At first I wondered
if it was another e-mail scam – click on this link…but after I received a
second e-mail I realized that it was legit and I had indeed purchased a $279
headphone amplifier, unheard…

As to when I will actually receive the Sicphone headphone
amplifier is anyone’s guess. The second email contained little in the way of
specifics. Colin Shaw, Sicphone’s project initiator wrote, “Thank you all so much for pledging to this
project and helping make it a success.  I want to spend a brief moment
filling you in on how Kickstarter seems to work from this point forward for
fulfillment and delivery…For amps, both assembled and kits, there will be a
survey sent out for addresses, but it will be a while.  The transistors
are the big holdup, and currently it sounds like the lead time is about 8-10
weeks.  I will get that moving as soon as possible, but it gives you a
sense of when to expect a survey for your address and other information.
 Keep in mind there is kitting time and build time associated with the
amps also…I will post more updates when there is news to report.”

So, I’m in wait mode. Obviously I plan to review the Sicphone
amplifier, but where and when the review will post, well, that’s still WAY up
in the air…

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