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NuForce’s $1,500 Audiophile CD Player Reviewed on the Revamped Stereophile.com

Stereophile has begun to continue the revamp of their site by publishing older, archive print reviews online. One such review is the review for the NuForce CDP-8 CD player that is discussed here.

NuForce-Stereophile.gifI just read Wes Philips’ review of the $1,500 NuForce CDP-8 Audiophile Compact Disc player over at the recently renovated Stereophile.com. As a publisher, you always check out what the competition is doing as I am sure they are doing with HomeTheaterReview.com, HDTVetc.com and the new AudiophileReview.com. Their new bloggy format is much more fresh in its approach. They have a huge archive of back reviews from print and it seems as if they are starting to realize that the clients want to advertise online. That’s where the enthusiast readers are these days. Its always risky to mess with success and both HomeTheaterMag.com and Stereophile.com – were ranked with a lofty Google Page Rank 6. Those aren’t handed out like candy by the almighty Google – let me tell you.

Back to the NuForce CDP-8 – Wes really gives this player a good go over. He hooked it up to very good Ayre components. At the suggestion of his editor, he links up another favorite of mine, the Benchmark DAC. The Benchmark is what I use for my AppleTV in my living room system. I think the best point he makes about the player is that people still make $1,500 CD players. They aren’t all throw-away components and for those of us who love music – the Compact Disc is still the format of choice for nearly every album. Music servers are good but the CD in a tray still sounds just a little better and “just a little better” is what audiophiles are on the hunt for.

Read the whole review here

Learn more about the NuForce CDP-8 at the NuForce site

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