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Hot Fun in the Summertime

What do audiophiles do in the summer?


As I sit at my desk, my inside/outside digital thermometer
reads 95 outside and 79 inside. Yes, it’s summer.

Summertime is traditionally the slow season for home hifi.
Most folks are too busy being out and about to devote much time or money to
their inside stereos. I’m as guilty as the next guy in disregarding my
room-based stereo for other warm-weather pursuits. Except for evening video
viewing, neither of my two systems has gotten a serious workout in several

It’s not as if I was going cold-turkey and music free. No,
instead when I’m home I’m getting my music fix from my computer audio nearfield
system. I just finished reviewing the Audience “The One” nearfield speakers for
The Absolute Sound
, and although it’s time to swap them out for the next speaker in the review
cue, I’m having a difficult time making myself do it. I really LIKE these

The rest of my summer listening time has been spent either
listening to live acoustic music played by semi-decent players during my band’s
rehearsals (actually I’m the semi decent one, everyone else in the band kicks
butt) and listening to a portable player, such as the very cool Astell &
Kern AK100

I do have a summer music project. I’ve been copying my
entire music library onto a succession of 32 GB micro SD cards for the AK100,
or any other portable or stationary music device that supports micro SD cards.
Micro SD cards are rapidly becoming the most universally accepted data storage
media for portable music devices and so I figure I can stay at least even with
the curve by putting my library into that format. But it’s slow copying via USB
2.0 into a card adapter, really, really slow. But that’s why it’s a summer
rather than “this week’s” project…

And then there’s hummingbird pictures…


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