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EMM Labs $20,500 CD Combo Reviewed by HomeTheaterReview.com’s Ken Taraszka – Is This Too Extreme?

Dr. Ken Taraszka got a true piece of audiophile gear in for review in his rig. How else would you describe the EMM Labs $20,500 CD combo? But don’t worry, it doesn’t just play CDs. It also plays SACDs.

EMMLabs_TDS1_CD_SACD-AudiophileReview.gifDr. Ken Taraszka just added a new uber-audiophile goodie to his rig from Ed Meitner’s EMM Labs. This time its an EMM Labs TSD1 CD transport and EMM Labs DAC digital to analog converter. While packing the SACD and CD performance needed at the absolute best mastering houses – critics suggest that you can get nearly all of the performance from a lower cost player. Not an Oppo – that’s just silly but other players costing more like $10,000.

In audiophilia the Nth degree of performance is always the premium for true enthusiasts. If you have a $10,000 CD player and need a high end audio fix – the next level of excellence might be an additional $10,000 in cost. Is it worth the money? It depends on how much money you have to invest as well as how liquid your system is on the used market. If you can get a good price for your last component – the upgrade might not be that painful. Once again its all relative.

Taraszka concludes in his review….
“Ed Meitner has been well known as one of the best and brightest in designing both professional and consumer digital products, and for good reason. His new EMM Labs TSD1 and DAC2 combo not only improved on the company’s normally Spartan cosmetics, but has also elevated the standard of what can be done with both CD and SACD. Many companies call their products “reference level.” I can tell you with 100 percent certainty that this is my new reference for just how good digital audio can sound. The detail and separation best anything I have ever had in my system to date, and the clarity of the upper end is so true to life and smooth that it sounds more like analog than digital, while maintaining all the good aspects of digital, with ease of use, dynamics and high- and low-frequency extension and remaining perfectly musical.”

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