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The Tweak Test

Ready for a little test? We’ve put together a two-minute quiz that will answer the burning question, “How tweaky are you?”


How tweaky/obsessive an audiophile are you? 

Take my two-minute
super-deluxe tweak test. Read each statement and then rate it one to five. Mark
5 when you strongly agree, and 1 if you strongly disagree. A 2.5 is neutral.
Add up your score when you finish. I’ll meet you at the bottom…


I always find I can do something to my system that will make it
sound better

Using better quality parts makes my components sound better

I love to see the insides of gear

Nothing is perfect right out-of-the-box

Modifying a component adds value

Break-in is critical for the best sound

Cable makes a sonic difference

A system’s sound trumps its looks

Reliability is less important than sonic performance

I often go through several upgrades or mods with any piece of
gear I’ve had longer than two years

I like comparing components

Total score – 


Ok, you’ve finished taking the test, right?

No jumping prematurely to the bottom.

We have a special term for that – testus interuptus.


So, a perfect hardcore first-class heavy-duty super-tweak score
would be 55, or a 5 for every question asked. Conversely, the anti-tweak score
would be 11 with a 1 for every response. 44, or a 4 on-average, still puts you
solidly in the tweak camp. Most of us will fall somewhere in the middle…at
least I did, more or less, with a slight left-of-center tilt toward the
tweakier side of the curve…

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