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So, Are You Into Automotive Audio, Too?

Steven Stone was wondering how many readers are as into their car stereos as they are into home and portable audio, so he created a 1 minute quiz…

AR-car audio1.jpg

Five years ago, when I bought the first (and probably last) new
car in my life, the first thing I did was replace the factory-installed stereo.
Out with the bad OEM speakers, in with a nice pair of Focal drivers, and
buh-bye no-name receiver and hello Alpine…

My question to you is what did you do when you got your latest
car? In order to quantify the answers I’ve arranged a series of questions that
shouldn’t take more than a minute max – the lower your answers’ total point
count, the more enthusiastic your car audio habit…

So, here we go:

Did you:

1. Replaced the entire stereo in my latest car when I purchased

2. Replaced the front end

3. Replaced the speakers only

4. Left it alone – it was listed as “premium”

Did you:

1. Replace the stereo without even listening to the stock unit

2. Listened for an hour and replaced the stock unit

3. Listened for a week or so before replacing the stereo

4. Listened and kept the stock original stereo

Did You:

1. Buy the cheapest interior package so you could upgrade it

2. Bought the best interior package specifically so you could
have the best factory sound, then replaced it

3. Bought the best interior package and kept it.

4. Bought whatever interior package that was the best deal.

After a year:

1. I’m still changing out components and have more plans for

2. I made one change, but I’m basically happy

3. No changes

4. My stereo no longer works and I don’t care

My score was 7 – sort of mid-level into car audio. How’d you do?


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