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New Pure Analog Audio Breakthrough Products Announced!

Steven Stone finds that what was once old is new again…


APR received this PR release the other day. And while we usually do not run such things, since there are far too many audio websites who already populate their electronic pages primarily with this stuff. But this one struck us as worthy of your attention because, well, you’ll see…

DC&S Audio is proud to announce their new “all-analog” audio system.

Now available for the first time, world-wide, the DC&S system redefines what you can expect from an all-analog xero-gain system.

Along with the basic DC&S system that uses high grade aluminum and 100% cotton, you can upgrade to different finishes including gold, copper, brass, silver, pewter, and midnight black. A ceramic coated version is also available for high-humidity environmental use.

AR-AudiophileBreakthroughCans450.jpgOther upgrades include special cords with different construction and materials including the hex-knot 20% silver, silver litz, quad-knot 10% and 20% spun gold, and super-granny-knot 50% copper. Another optional added-cost accessory are ear-pads, which are heartily recommended unless you have hair over your ears. They have cow-hide leather, lambskin, pigskin, pleather, Naugahyde, Kevlar, as well as any other “skin” supplied by a customer’s special request.

Based in Canton, Ohio, DC&S Audio plan to expand into Detroit and Kalamazoo for regional sales and distribution, due to these towns’ proximity to large recycling operations provide ample raw materials for DC&S production facilities.

Made entirely in the USA from recycled and re-sourced materials in artisan workshops manned by workers experienced in the finer points of our basic materials, we pride ourselves on producing a transducer system that will, as long as there are two humans to operate it, always work at the same level of perfection regardless of whether you have electricity, heat, water, oxygen, or any other basic necessity for human life.


While we see many DIY copies of our transducer system, none have the level of arcane and powerful knowledge about the how’s, why’s, and wherefores of our product that we do. Years of work with Dixie Cups before moving on to cans gave us a rich background of data and practical experience. We know exactly where to drill the hole, and exactly the right length of tether. Our dimensions are backed by complex math that required computer modeling in four planes!

Someday our competitors may unlock some of the secret sauce that makes DC&S Audio products so unique, but so far, none have the “you are there” immediacy of our premium solutions. If you want the very best can and a string you must have DC&S Audio products, a division of LIRPA LABS.

April Fools…

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