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Magico Moves into Vibration Control

Magico is moving beyond loudspeakers, but not far beyond. The company’s new product will help out loudspeaker products with problems of vibration. This new product is called the QPods.

AR-MagicoQpod.jpgMagico, who are best known for their state-of-the-art speakers, have introduced a new anti vibration products called, appropriately, QPods™. Magico’s announcement includes two spectral decay plots taken from a preamp chassis that demonstrates the QPods’ clearly documented effectiveness in reducing air and floor-borne vibrations.

According to Magico, “The pods themselves are CNC-turned and milled from hardened stainless-steel, oxygen-free copper, and hard black-anodized aircraft-grade aluminum. These materials create the constraining layers for the damping material that is alternately clamped between to create a single traverse dissipating unit, which we call the QPod. Vibrational wave propagation through the floor, stands, and the equipment itself is converted into heat energy through the side-to-side movement (known as “shear deformation”) within each layer of the pod.”

The only problem I can see with the QPods is their price. At $1310 for three ($437 each) or $1680 for four ($420 each), you’ll need to pony up a sizable sum to isolate an entire stereo system. The good news for Magico speaker owners is that their transducers don’t need QPods because the Magico Q series already have decoupling built in to their design.

But, if you want, you can use the QPods under your Magico speakers to enhance their isolation further. After all, what’s another $2620 when you’ve already spent five (or six) figures on your speakers?

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