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For my 1st anniversary article, it only makes sense to write about what I've learned after a year of posting every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

First thing I've learned is coming up with story ideas is easy, but actually writing them is the hard part. Duh. I usually have between twenty or thirty story ideas waiting for execution. At the beginning of the workweek I look at the ideas and figure out which ones will make good articles, and get down to the task of writing.

Unlike some writers, who can get down to writing at a moment's notice, I have to be in the zone. Sometimes I spend hours cleaning, vacuuming, or puttering around before I settle in to write. But when I do get into a writing mood, I can usually go for a while before I run out of steam.

Actually, for the first couple of months the biggest headache of writing for Audiophile Review wasn't thinking up or writing stories, but getting the formatting right. I often spent as much time making a post look good as I did writing it. And finding the right graphic image that I can use legally can be challenging.

Coming up with the right editorial attitude for Audiophile Review has been an ongoing process. I wanted a site where I could express opinions that were not appropriate for my other writing venues. I wanted to be able to be look at trends and news in a more critical manner than on other audio sites. Since Audiophile Review was a brand new site, I didn't have an already existing editorial philosophy to work into. Instead I've tried to create a site that appeals to both industry insiders as well as consumers just beginning to explore high-performance audio.

During the coming year I hope to add several new voices to the editorial mix (interested?) expanding Audiophile Review's scope and relevance. Stay tuned, I think you'll enjoy the ride...

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