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New Jazz and Classical Releases

Paul Wilson looks at some Jazz, some classical, and some XRCDs…

AR-1812 Overutre.jpgTchaikovsky- 1812 Overture, Op.49 Hi-Q Records XRCD24

This re-master by Hi-Q Records was originally released in 1973 and features Andre Previn as conductor of the London Symphony Orchestra. The original release dates back to Previn’s early works with the Orchestra. In addition to the ever popular 1812 Overture, Marche Slave, Op. 31 and the Fantasy Overture “Romeo And Juliet” are also included. All three of these recordings are well known and quite popular Tchaikovsky works. The first track, The 1812 Overture had, at about the twelve minute mark, all of the familiar power and bombardment of cathedral bells and cannon shot for which the selection is so well known. The original recording was produced and engineered by the legendary EMI team of Christopher Bishop and Christopher Palmer. The XRCD re-release was mastered by JVC in Japan using Digital K2 Technology. Mastered in 24 Bit and then converted to true 16 bit coding, the sonics on this recording are very impressive. The dynamics and improved fidelity provided by the extended resolution CD (XRCD) makes this recording welcomed in any collection.

Overall- 8

Sonics- 8

AR-Sarah Silverman.jpgSarah Silverman- Sarah

Sarah Silverman- Sarah Silverman was literally born into music. Her Father was a drummer for Dizzy Gillespie and her Mother was a classically trained violinist. Sara’s training was classical piano and she earned a Bachelors Degree from the Glenn Gould School of Music. All of the cuts are Jazz standards with the first track entirely improvised and the last one being original lyrics set to classical piano. The ten selections touch on traditional jazz, classical and Brazilian Bossa nova. Bruce Barth is also featured on piano.

Overall- 7

Sonics- 7

AR-Carl Orff.jpgCarl Orff- Carmina Burana Hi-Q Records XRCD24

Originally recorded in 1935 and 1936 by Carl Orff, performed by Andre Previn and the London Symphony Orchestra in 1975, this timeless classic has been remastered by Hi-Q Records using the K2 Recording Technology. Shelia Armstrong sings soprano, Gerald English- tenor and Thomas Allen- baritone. The London Symphony Orchestra Chorus and the St. Clement Danes Grammar School Boys Choir also contribute backing vocals.

Overall- 8.5

Sonics- 8

AR-Annette Genovese.jpgAnnette Genovese- Dream With Me

Dream With Me is the latest release from the professionally trained vocalist Annette Genovese. The eight selections are predominately jazz-fusion but also have subtle hints of blues, funk and pop. Genovese has an extensive background in music and has written, arranged and recorded songs for her own albums, other artists and commercials. The eight tracks have a soft, mellow jazz feel to them. The first track, Senor Blues was my favorite. Rob Reich, Brian Glassman, Jim West, Paul Laduca and Lee Farber round out the remainder of the musicians. I enjoyed this CD so much I played it back through a second time after just to hear it again.

Overall- 9

Sonics -8

]]>AR-Holst The Planets.jpgHolst- The Planets Hi-Q Records XRCD24

Another of the stunning works of Andre Previn originally recorded in 1973 with the London Symphony Orchestra, The Planets was written in 1914 by Gustov Holst. The work is comprised of seven movements named, appropriately enough, for seven of the planets in the solar system.
Up until 1914 when it was composed, Holst had written mainly choral works. This is one of his more ambitious compositions. It has been superbly interpreted by Andre Previn and performed flawlessly by the London Symphony Orchestra. This version, remastered by Hi-Q Records has been done using the JVC K2 Technology and released in XRCD format.

Overall- 8

Sonics- 8

AR-Jheena Lodwick.jpgJhenna Lodwick- Best Collection Master Music XRCD24

Originally born in the Philippines, Jhenna Lodwick has performed around the world and this release is a collection of covers from several of her previous releases. All of the selections are taken from the ranks of jazz and pop classics. Lodwick has a beautiful voice and the sonics on this CD are magnificent. Using the JVC K2 Technology and released as an XRCD the selections have a you are there feel to them. This is music to which one should listen when relaxation is required.

Overall- 8

Sonics- 8

A Note About The XRCD24 / K2 Recording Process – According to HI-Q Records, the XRCD 24 process begins with the mastering. The original analog signal is digitized into K2 24 Bit and stored on magneto-optical discs. When manufactured, the 24 Bit MO is played back through Digital K2 to eliminate jitter and distortion. The 24 Bit word is then converted using K2 Super Coding to 16 bit dynamic range. The True 16 bit signal is then EFM encoded and passes to a high precision DVD K2 Laser, modified to cut Red Book format CD glass master. The whole process is controlled by a K2 Rubidium Clock to achieve the highest possible precision.

This mastering process does, in fact, produce a very well recorded CD.  Sonically, I enjoyed all of the selections reviewed here.

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