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New Jazz and Classical Releases

Paul Wilson looks at some new music you might like…

Elly Kouri – I Love You Too Much

AR-Elly.jpgFor whatever reason, one that I cannot begin to explain, I knew I would like this CD before I ever heard it. Among her accomplishments, Elly Kouri is a singer, songwriter and lyricist. She has written and recorded music in the Rock and Roll, Pop, R&B and Gospel genres. “I Love You Too Much” released on the RBR Label is a collection of a style of older type jazz songs whose lyrics and music are both delicate and intimate. Despite being her first jazz release she pulls it off with aplomb and has a collection of thirteen highly melodic tracks that have that 1940’s feel to them. This is definitely music to be shared.

Overall- 8
Sonics- 7

Herb SIlverstein – Monday Morning

AR-Herb.jpgDr. Herb Silverstein is a renowned ear surgeon, an inventor, author, philanthropist, founder of the Silverstein Institute and the Ear Research Foundation. He is also an avid snow skier. When he has nothing else better to do he is a highly skilled and innovative jazz pianist and composer. He was introduced to jazz by one of his sons and began composing in 1985. Since that time he has compiled twelve albums of music, a concert DVD and wrote a book titled Jazz Harmony and Improvisation. His latest release on his own label titled Monday Morning has been described as bright and melodic and that is a truly apt description. He is joined by the great Marty Morell who for many years was Bill Evans drummer. Jeff Rupert on sax, LaRue Nickelson on guitar and Richard Drexler round out the performers. Monday Morning is an immensely enjoyable recording comprised of original, traditional jazz selections that gets to the heart of an artist with a growing catalog of captivating offerings. Dr. Silverstein should also be commended for his work at the Ear Research Foundation as his efforts to combat hearing loss also helps musicians.

Overall- 9
Sonics- 8

Ian O’Beirne – Glassworks

AR-Ian.jpgPhiladelphia based saxophonist Ian O’Beirne is not only a performer but also a composer and educator. He originally studied at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. He also received tutelage under Bob Goldman, Chris Farr and Frank Mazzeo. He performs mostly in the Philly area but has also toured the USA, Canada, Japan and China. Glasswork is his first release on his own label. This traditional jazz work is a disparate collection of musical fragments woven together as a series of vignettes whose sound is both smooth and mellow. Accompanied by a stand up bass, drums and a Fender Rhoades, Glassworks will appeal to all jazz fans that enjoy the traditional, improv-based style.

Overall- 7
Sonics- 8

Sine’ Qua Non – Simple Pleasures

AR-Sine.jpgAnchored by the stunning work of Victor Provost on the Steel Pan, and with Michael Bowie as the bandleader, Simple Pleasure is just that. This fun ride of a release on the Transoul label is a collection of funky, upbeat selections. The quintet consists of Provost on the Steel Pan, Bowie on bass, Lyle Link on Multi-Reeds, Mark Prince- Drums and Sam Turner- Percussion. The last track on the CD, Mastermind, closes everything out with a high octane, “hot jammin” track that is sure to please. All the selections are very well written and scored. All in all a good time.

Overall- 8
Sonics- 8

]]>Vivaldi- The Four Seasons Hi-Q Records XRCD 24

AR-Vivaldi.jpgThe London Philharmonic Orchestra with the incomparable Itzhak Perlman as the Solo Violin and Conductor performed this remake in 1976. Vivaldi originally composed the “Four Seasons” sometime around 1725. Other composers such as Haydn and Tchaikovsky have depicted the subject of the four seasons. Vivaldi is generally considered to be the first to do so symphonically. Each of the “Four Seasons” has three movements that range from the most delicate to soaring power. The performance of the London Philharmonic with Itzhak Perlman is astonishing for this ever popular work. The XRCD24 process delivers a sonically remarkable mastering that will sound superior on any high performance home audio system.

Overall- 8
Sonics- 8.5

Berlioz- Symphonie Fantastique Op. 14 Hi-Q Records XRCD24

AR-Berlioz.jpgThis work was conducted by Leonard Bernstein and performed by the “Orchestre National de France” (French National Orchestra) in Paris in 1976. Originally composed by Hector Berlioz in 1830 it was and remains his most notable composition. Consisting of four movements, the work is a study of a succession of fantasies, which, it is generally held, parallel’s Berlioz’s own struggles as a composer. With Leonard Bernstein at the helm of the French National Orchestra, Symphonie Fantastique Op. 14 is a marvelous performance of such a popular work known throughout the world. Also remastered in the XRCD24 mastering process the sonics on this CD are excellent.

Overall- 8
Sonics- 8.5

A Note About The XRCD24 / K2 Recording Process: According to HI-Q Records, the XRCD 24 process begins with the mastering. The original analog signal is digitized into K2 24 Bit and stored on magneto-optical discs. When manufactured, the 24 Bit MO is played back through Digital K2 to eliminate jitter and distortion. The 24 Bit word is then converted using K2 Super Coding to 16 bit dynamic range. The True 16 bit signal is then EFM encoded and passes to a high precision DVD K2 Laser, modified to cut Red Book format CD glass master. The whole process is controlled by a K2 Rubidium Clock to achieve the highest possible precision.

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