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New CDs and Blu-Rays for 8-10-12

New releases for Friday include a Blu-Ray concert disc from Peter Gabriel and new CDs from the folk group Shel, country songwriter Radney Foster, and the husband and wife duo Joey + Rory.


Title: Peter Gabriel – Secret World Live

Genre: Rock

Description: Originally shot in 16mm, this 1993 release looks better than ever on Blu-Ray thanks to the new 2K transfer. With fifteen songs, the performance lasts over two hours and includes a bonus track of “Red Rain” that wasn’t on the original release. Loaded with extra features including a time-lapse sequence of the stage set-up, even if you own the DVD, this is an upgrade worth investing in.

Rating (0- 10): Overall – 8, Sonically – 8



Title: Radney Foster – Del Rio, TX: Unplugged and Lonesome

Genre: Country

Description: In 1992 Radney Foster released the album Del Rio, TX 1959. Since then the ten tunes therein have been among his most-requested songs. Obviously they’ve evolved since when they were first recorded. On his latest release Foster revisits them all. Accompanied by a crack studio band that includes Jon Randall Stewart on guitar, Foster’s latest versions are even more powerful than the originals. I wish all country music was this good.

Rating (0- 10): Overall – 9, Sonically – 8



Title: Shel – Shel

Genre: Folk, Americana

Description: For their debut album, the four Holbrook sisters who make up Shel chose veteran producer Bret Maher. With twelve original tunes that lean toward the folk/pop side of Americana, Shel sounds far more polished than most bands’ first efforts. The one cover on the album, Led Zeppelin’s “The Battle of Evermore” demonstrates the group’s widely divergent sources and musical fearlessness.

Rating (0- 10): Overall – 8, Sonically – 8



Title: Joey + Rory – His and Hers

Genre: Country

Description: Ya’ll ready for some SLICK country? Joey + Rory third album sounds so sumptuous, courtesy of Gary Paczoza’s superb production standards, that you may not care if it is calculatingly commercial. Heartstrings are tugged upon and all the usual country themes are exploited. But it’s all done with such consummate musical style that you may not mind the not so subtle attempts at emotional manipulation.

Rating (0- 10): Overall – 8, Sonically – 9

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