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New CD Reviews

It’s Friday! Here are some fresh CD reviews. The new Matt Flinner Trio CD, Winter Harvest, on Compass Records, is simply superb.

This is my first bi-monthly set of exclusive capsule reviews for Audiophile Review of new and soon-to-be-released albums. I’m going to keep these reviews as brief as possible (under 75 words). Let me know how this works for you…


Title: Adam Burrows – Tall Tales

Genre: Singer-songwriter pop

Description: Adam Burrows’ vocal inflections, lyrics, and instrumental orchestrations remind me of Paul Simon’s masterpiece, “Hearts and Bones.” Similarities include Burrow’s deft acoustic guitar work and quirky subject matter. If you love Paul Simon, chances are you’ll also enjoy Burrow’s work.

Rating (0 – 10): Overall 6, Sonically 8


AR-nathan G.jpg

Title: Nathan Griffin – Nathan Griffin

Singer-songwriter pop

Description:  Nathan Griffin is on the same label as Adam Burrows, uses some of the same sidemen, same studio, and has a similar sound, but without the Paul Simon homage. Griffin’s acoustic guitar-driven tunes have a fine balance of whimsy and sorrow. He creates post-millennium folk music that’s ideal for quiet rumination on a winter afternoon.

Rating (0- 10): Overall 7, Sonically 8



Title: Chuck Prophet – Temple Beautiful 

Genre: Rock

Description: For his 12th release singer, songwriter, and lead guitarist Chuck Prophet has written an entire album of songs dedicated to his home, San Francisco. Definitely not easy listening, with no Tony Bennett covers, Temple Beautiful has a electric edge, grungy at times, but full of rich textures. If you’re a fan of HBO’s “True Blood” you’ve heard Prophet’s guitar on the opening title tune. Outsider rock lives…

Rating (0- 10): Overall 7 Sonically 8



Title: Burning River Ramblers – Burning River Ramblers

Genre: Riff-driven rock

Description: With their groove-driven Jack Johnsonesque jamband style, the Burning River Ramblers music should make all but the most palsied listeners’ hips gyrate. Well-rehearsed, with lots of riffs, and a rhythmically complex arrangements, Burning River Ramblers make great background music for your modern waspafarian lifestyle.

Rating (0- 10): Overall 6, Sonically 8



Title: Matt Flinner Trio – Winter Harvest

Genre: Acoustic Jazz

Description: If you want to hear what modern acoustic jazz is all about, give a listen to Winter Harvest. Mandolinist Matt Flinner joined by Ross Martin on flattop acoustic guitar and Eric Thorn on stand-up bass, romp through fifteen original instrumental compositions with authority and creativity. The playing here is equaled by the outstanding recording quality. I wish all CDs sounded this natural.

Rating (0- 10): Overall 9 Sonically 9


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