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How Much of a Music Lover Are You?

Here’s a New Year’s Day test to see how much you really like music…

AR-lover1.jpgTime for a New-Year’s quiz. The object of the quiz is to see how much you support music. Not Hi-Fi or gear, but music.

The whole thing shouldn’t take more than two minutes. If you score less than 50 you are more into gear (or at least not into buying, acquiring, or listening to new music).

So here are the Questions:

1. How many CDs did you purchase in 2013? Give yourself one point for each.

2. How many downloads did you buy in 2013? Again, one point for each album.

3. How many LPs, pre-recorded tapes, cassettes, or even eight-tracks did you buy in 2013? Once more, one point for each purchase.

4. How many live concerts did you attend in 2013? Give yourself five points for live acoustic shows in small (under 500 seat) venues. Give yourself three points for auditorium or festival performances.

The reason I chose 50 points as the minimum to qualify as a music lover is that I figure that the equivalent of one new album a week is the minimum investment for a real music lover.

So what did I score? I got a 97.

How did you do?

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