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Can a Turntable be as Simple as a CD Player? The Music Hall USB-1 Thinks So

There is a new turntable being made available by Music Hall, the USB-1 turntable, that is attempting to simplify the vinyl process, which would make it more attractive to a wider audience. It seems to be succeeding.

MUSICHALL-USB1-TURNTABLE_IMAGE.gifI’ve been considering getting back into vinyl recently but unlike a lot of die-hard vinyl fanatics the ability to playback LPs has more to do with nostalgia for me than it does absolute performance. That being said I still want my records to sound good, only I don’t want to deal with a lot of the hassle that comes with vinyl playback, which is why I abandoned vinyl some time ago. Well the USB-1 turntable from Music Hall seeks to simplify the equation by offering an all-in-one solution for us recovering addicts.

The USB-1 retails for a very obtainable $249 and features a built-in phono stage meaning you can simply connect it to your preamp or processor via any analog audio input. To make things a bit more interesting the USB-1 also features a USB output allowing you to “rip” your favorite records to your PC or Mac with the help of the included Audacity software. For the purists out there the USB-1 is a belt driven, two-speed turntable finished in piano gloss black. It features an Aluminum die-cast platter system capable of 33 and third and 45rpm speeds and comes complete with a S-shaped tonearm with detachable headshell and mounted Audio Technica AT3600L moving-magnet cartridge. The USB-1 also has anti-skate control as well as adjustable pitch.

The USB-1 is truly an entry-level vinyl enthusiast’s dream and a gateway product to the wonderful world of audiophile, vinyl reproduction. It’s about as simple as vinyl can get and with the added convenience of a built-in phono stage and USB recording capability it just might be the perfect turntable for today’s younger audiophile.

For more information on the Music Hall USB-1 visit Music Hall’s website or buy it online from Music Direct .

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