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Energy Use and Audio

Want to know how much power that big ‘ol power amp really draws at idle? Well there’s a new white paper from CEA that won’t tell you that, but it will fill you in on how much power the computer monitor you’re reading this on uses. That’s something…


As energy costs keep rising, the green juggernaut continues to
grow. In response to energy concerns CEA just released a white paper entitled, “Energy Consumption of Customer Electronics in U.S. Homes.” Written by the
Fraunhofer Center for Sustainable Energy Systems. 

This 142 page report includes the sleep, standby, and operating
mode current draws for most electronic devices, including Audio Video Receivers,
Blu-Ray players, DVD/VCR combos, computers, computer speakers, monitors,
printers, set-top boxes, TVs, video game systems and other devices. Audiophiles
will be disappointed to find there’s no separate category for power amps,
preamps, music servers, or subwoofers.

The report also has breakdowns of how much various devices are
used in households. Among the surprises – 80% of the respondents reported no
use for Blu-Ray while 1% reported 24 hours per day use. Now that’s what I call
a wide usage spread.

Judging by the numbers, most AVRs are pretty darn energy
efficient. In off mode AVCRs used .2 watts, in sleep mode less than 2 watts,
and in standby mode between 48 and 39 watts. When unplugged AVRs get a perfect
energy rating of 0 watts used.

Take a look at the white paper for yourself – you’ll find lots
of factoids that will spice up any holiday party conversation, maybe.

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