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Steven Stone is the editor of

APRSteveStoneThumnailPic.jpgSteven is a long time audiophile and home theater writer as well as a musician and recording engineer. In the past, Steven has written for print magazines like Stereophile. Today, beyond his nearly daily blog posts to, Steven Stone writes for online as well as The Absolute Sound in print.

Steven is a guitar, mandolin, and Ashbory bass player and collector of fine musical instruments 

His current audio system that includes the following equipment…

Digital Source Devices:

  – Apple Mac Pro 2015 “titanium Trashcan” computer with 16 GB of memory with OS Mohave 10.14 running Roon, Amara, Pure Music, Audirana+


  – Sonos Connect

  – Sony Hap Z-1ES

  – Mac Mini

  – Oppo 205




  – Project Pre Box S2

  – Mytek Brooklyn

  – PS Audio DSD Jr. DAC/PRE

–      Benchmark ABH2

–      Mytek Manhattan II with Ethernet and phono cards


Analog Source Devices:

  – VPI TNT III with Graham 2.1 Tonearm and various cartridges on wands.

  – VPI HW-19 with Souther TQ-1 tonearm and Denon/VandDenHul 103 cart.


  – Tortuga Audio  V25 passive preamplifier

  – Morrison E.L.A.D. active preamplifier

  – Parasound P-7 active preamplifier

  – Michael Yee Phono Preamp


  – Benchmark ABH2

  – April Music Eximus S-1 mono blocks

  – Pass X150.8

  – Perreaux E110 amplifier


  – Spatial X-2

  – Audience 1+1 loudspeakers

  – ATC SCM7

  – Silverline Minuet Supreme

  – Role Audio Kayak

  – AV123/Skiing Ninja X-Statik and Voce center speaker

  – Velodyne DD+ 10 subwoofer

  – JL Acoustics F112 subwoofers

Cables and Accessories:


–      Wireworld Eclipse 7 cable

–      Wireworld Silver Starlight USB cable

–      Kimber CCAG silver cable

–      PS Audio Quintet

–      PS Audio Powe Plant Premier

–      Audience AU24SX cable

  – AudioQuest Colorado interconnect

  – Cardas Clear interconnect

  – Crystal Cable Piccolo interconnect

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