Sound By Singer Has a New Crib

AR-sound_by_singer.jpgMy Publisher, Jerry Del Colliano, forwarded to me a letter from Andy Singer announcing his new location.

According to Andy's missive "I will be opening a new showroom. It will be located on the 2d floor, 242 West 27 street, New York, N.Y. 10001. The phone number will remain the same, 212 924 8600. We will open sometime between October 15, and Nov 1, 2011. It will have 1500 sq. ft. of show room space, with three large listening rooms."

Andy also wrote, "We will be showing all the products we currently rep and more! Demonstrations will be by appointment only for now." Currently, Sound By Singer has a small showroom at 1123 Broadway between 25th and 26th street. That location has been open since April of 2011 and will continue to operate until Singer starts the moving process around Sept 20 2011.

Finally, Andy wanted to make it very clear that Sound by Singer, contrary to his competitor's wishes, never closed down, but merely changed form. The new facilities will permit Sound by Singer to expand in ways that were impossible at the old facility. Singer expects to accommodate not only his many longtime customers, but also appeal to an entirely new generation of audiophiles and music lovers.

Long Live Sound by Singer.

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