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still to this day represent the best in audiophile digital audio formats. Audiophile record labels have adopted SACD over DVD-Audio for the most part and to this day, you can get many audiophile specialty albums on hybrid SACD, stereo SACD and even mono SACD. Others collect DVD-Audio and/or DTS CDs for their 5.1 audio mixes and video supplementals. Some audiophiles even search out a handful of Dual Disc titles for their 24 bit audio.
Mark Smotroff splits digital hairs to make a point... Read more

Oh No! It's Pono!

Steven Stone looks at an idea that is behind its time Read more
There is an idea out there that 3D visuals are more engaging than 2D visuals. However, could this idea be applied to music? Would high resolution music be more engaging than standard definition music? Read more
Audiophile music, particularly the high resolution disc format, can be difficult to find. However, its always good to have a starting point. These 10 albums belong in any audiophiles SACD collection. Read more

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