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Roger Skoff writes about comparing hi-fi gear by the numbers... Read more

Sound or Looks?

Steven Stone looks at the audiophile equivalent of the lady or the tiger... Read more

A Sense of Balance

Do you use your balance control? Do you even HAVE a balance control? If not, Steven Stone has a couple of suggestions for adding one to your system. Read more

Why No Perfect Preamps?

A preamp's job is simple - adjust the volume level and choose a source. How come we have yet to hear a completely transparent preamp? Read more
Audiophile Review never posts on Thursday, but Outlaw Audio just sent this email out to their customers... Read more

To Mod or Not To Mod...

That is the question. Whether it's nobler (and more cost effective) to muck around inside your electronics than purchase a new model... Read more
Part of the Audiophile experience is buying and eventually selling audio gear. Most of the time everything works out, but sometimes things go wrong... Read more
Treble, bass, and midrange controls are about as forward-thinking a feature as a buggy whip holder. Here's why... Read more
What do you do when your system starts to hum along and teaching it the words doesn't work? Sometimes, you punt... Read more

All On or All Off?

A stereo system can consume a lot of energy. Steven Stone looks at his own audio energy usage and how it's changed over the years. It's all about pushing buttons... Read more
Steven Stone wonders why multi-channel analog preamplifiers are the red-headed step-children of audio components. Read more
What is the most difficult piece of gear to choose? Preamps. Most audiophiles have to kiss a lot of frogs to find a preamp that delivers the goods. What are your choices? Steven Stone looks at your options and why you might choose one type over the others. Read more

The Art of Value

Next week I'll be looking a scads of new products from a multitude of manufacturers at RMAF. Which ones will succeed? The answer depends on many factors including how much more they offer than previous models. But is it possible to offer too much? Read more
Sometimes a product gets reviewed and raved about, but because of the nature of the rave, it doesn't have the final results that you would expect after a positive review. The Morrison E.L.A.D. is just such a product. Probably the only time that Peter Aczel and I will agree an anything... Read more

Lexicon Does it Again

Lexicon was at the center of controversy not too long ago and with the move they just pulled with company's MC-12 HD B pre/pro, they could once again find themselves in a bit of hot water. Read more
Classe is aware of the current face of the audio industry. So in a smart move the company has released a product that addresses that very nicely. Meet the Classe CP-800. You are sure to be impressed. Read more
For many people, a preamplifier feels like a luxury that is not wholly necessary to a system. But is that the case? What can a preamplifier bring to your system, if anything at all? Read more
Some components have longevity. No matter how much time goes by, they always seem to retain their quality. These are five preamplifiers that have managed to stand the test of time and are worthy of your attention. Read more

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