Jerry Del Colliano

jerry-del-colliano-publisher.jpgJerry Del Colliano is the CEO of West Los Angeles-based Luxury Publishing Group which is the parent company of

Del Colliano is a frequent contributor to as well as writing both featured reviews and news at Del Colliano has an extensive background in high end audio dating back to his days in Philadelphia where he  worked in mid-fi retailers Bryn Mawr Stereo and Sassafras Audio. Additionally, Del Colliano was the lead high end audio salesman for the legendary Christopher Hansen Ltd. in Beverly Hills. After working at Christopher Hansen Ltd., Del Colliano went on to mentor with Mr. Mark Levinson at Cello Music and Film Los Angeles where he sold some of the largest home theater and audiophile systems in that era.

In 1996, Jerry Del Colliano left Cello to start, an audiophile online publication that would later become 11 years later, grew to become one of the largest specialty AV publications in the world. On February 29, 2008, Del Colliano sold, and to El Segundo, California based Internet Brands. Months later, he started which today competes favorably with many of Del Colliano’s former publications.

Mr. Del Colliano has had the good fortune to have owned some of best audiophile products. Below is a list of his 10 favorite.
1. Cello Audio Palette
2. Krell Evolution 900 power amps.
3. Wilson Audio WATT Puppy version 7 loudspeakers
4. Meridian 861 AV preamp
5. Meridian 800 disc player
6. Theta Digital Gen. V DAC
7. Transparent Audio Reference Cables
8. Classe SSP-800 preamp
9. Mark Levinson No. 38 stereo preamp
10. MartinLogan SL3 loudspeakers

Jerry Del Colliano has a degree in Music Industry from The University of Southern California’s Thorton School of Music. He is an avid golfer with a single digit handicap who is currently working on playing all of the Golf Magazine Top 100 Courses in America. In his spare time, Jerry Del Colliano writes for He is married and lives in Los Angeles.

To learn more about Jerry Del Colliano check out his Google Profile.

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