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Music is the fuel for the race car, and all audio enthusiasts need new records, albums, downloads and other musical goodies to make their systems sing. Audiophile Music includes music on Compact Disc, SACD, Blu-ray, Vinyl, Download, HD Music Download and beyond. Some audiophiles even have copies of analog master tapes for their systems.


On this page, find insightful posts on the day’s most relevant topics when it comes to Audiophile Music.

Jazz Impressions of Black Orpheus To Receive Super Deluxe Reissue / Restoration and Small Batch Limited Editions

Audiophile News, Audiophile, Audiophile Music, Digital, Vinyl

Mark Smotroff gets excited about a restored and expanded favorite jazz album upcoming......

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Listening Report: Daniel Rossen’s You Belong There, On Vinyl & Streams

Audiophile Music, Audiophile, Audiophile News, News, Vinyl

Mark Smotroff connects some dots from folk to prog and beyond…...

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Charles Mingus’ Black Saint & The Sinner Lady, 180-gram Acoustic Sounds Re-issue

Audiophile Music, Audiophile, Audiophile News, Vinyl

Mark Smotroff wonders if it is possible for orchestral-leaning classic jazz to rock?...

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Around The World With The Police on Blu-ray

Audiophile Music, Audiophile, Audiophile News, Blu-ray, Compact Disc

Mark Smotroff rekindles some ‘70s-’80 pop punk fandom…

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Listening Report: Ella Fitzgerald At The Hollywood Bowl

Audiophile Music, Audiophile, Audiophile News, Compact Disc, Streaming, Vinyl

Mark Smotroff sets the wayback machine to appreciate a 21st century release…...

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