Andrew Robinson

Andrew_Robinson_Headshot.jpgAndrew Robinson is one of a young breed of audiophile who represents the future of the hobby.

As a filmmaker (April Showers), Andrew Robinson has a hand-on take on the way 7.1 audio is mixed for movies, the way 4K video is shot, edited and crafted but in the end Andrew's biggest audio-video passion is audiophile music. Single ended triode tube amps, high efficiency loudspeakers, affordable audio, computer audio and "super premium" audio all peak Andrew's interests.

Robinson's audiophile system currently consists of products including:

  - Bowers & Wilkins 800 Diamond speakers
  - Decware SET amps
  - Decware preamp
  - Apple TV
  - Transparent Audio cables
  - Magnepan MMG speakers

And much more gear that is constantly updating.

To learn more about Andrew Robinson click here to visit his personal website or check out his Google Profile.

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