New Parasound Amplifier goes up to 11

AR-PARASOUND-POSTIMAGE.jpgParasound just released a new update to their 5250 five-channel amplifier called the 5250 v2.

According to Parasound's press release, "Unlike its predecessor, which had fixed gain at the THX reference level, the NewClassic 5250 v.2 allows independent +/- 10 dB gain adjustment for each channel relative to the THX level."

So after all those years of THX dictating fixed input levels they've acquiesced to letting a THX-certified power amplifier have variable input levels. Hmm. Inquiring minds want to know, "Why didn't THX let amp manufacturers have variable input levels on THX-certified amplifiers from day one?"

Why did it take THX so long to realize that a user-adjustable input control on a basic power amplifier is a good thing? Perhaps THX is growing more trusting that installers and end users can, actually, set up a home theater by themselves.

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