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How Much Power Is Enough?

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The Hum Patrol

Steven Stone walks readers through one of his set-up methods for detecting noise... Read more
Paul Wilson looks at the art of audio... Read more
Paul Wilson looks a why companies want to make one of everything... Read more
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On Collecting Audio Gear

As a slightly reformed collector, Steven Stone offers fellow collectors some suggestions... Read more

A Straight Wire With Gain

What Does a "straight wire with gain" really mean? Read more
Paul Wilson talks with BSC's Bret D'Agostino Read more

A Look At Reliability

Steven Stone looks at some of the most reliable audio gear he's owned. Read more
How much power do you really need? Roger Skoff looks at Italian motorbikes and the inverse square rule... Read more
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Take your pick

Roger Skoff looks at how gear price and looks can work against each other... Read more
Roger Skoff looks at the historical reasons why components are the size and shape that they are today... Read more

Amplifiers Don't Amplify!

Roger Skoff explains why amplifiers might not work the way you think they do. Read more
Roger Skoff has an answer that you may not like... Read more

Why You Need a Variac

Steven Stone reveals one of his essential audio tools, and how he uses it to make things better... Read more
Roger Skoff Looks at Capacitors and Cables and their Shared Technologies... Read more
Roger Skoff looks at capacitors and finds a mystery - where does a capacitive charge go when a capacitor is disassembled? Read more

Blind Squirrels and Acorns

Some vintage audio components are the stuff dreams are made of...others, not so much. Read more
How many channels is your power amplifier? Steven Stone thinks the right answer is one... Read more

Hot Fun in the Summer

It's hot outside and inside. Just the sort of weather that makes you want to crank up your stereo system and listen indoors, right? Maybe, not. If not, it's time for summer system changes... Read more

My Retirement Audio System

If Steven Stone ceased reviewing audio gear tomorrow what gear would he keep? That is the question he mulls over on the second day of the new year. Some old favorites combined with new components make up the stuff he couldn't live without. Read more

Energy Use and Audio

Want to know how much power that big 'ol power amp really draws at idle? Well there's a new white paper from CEA that won't tell you that, but it will fill you in on how much power the computer monitor you're reading this on uses. That's something... Read more

Animals and Audio

Got any cats? or Dogs? If you do, chances are they've had some interactions with your gear. Steven Stone share a few of his audio and animals horror tales...fortunately, no animals were abused, only gear... Read more

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