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ELAC at Crescendo Audio

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Peanut-Sized Misconceptions

Steven Stone looks at how wrong someone can be about small speakers... Read more

A House Brand in Your Home?

Steven Stone looks at whether "house brands" still have a place in contemporary audio... Read more

A Few Thoughts On Imaging

Steven Stone looks at a speaker systems' ability to create a three-dimensional image... Read more

Diffraction Be Gone Rocks!

Steven Stone looks at speaker tweak that works... Read more
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The $17.00 miracle

Roger Skoff Discovers high value at The Show in Newport... Read more
If you're still stuffing layers of newspapers under one end of your speakers to tip them up, you should read this... Read more
There are almost as many designs for speaker stands as there are speakers. Is one particular style better than the others? Read more

Speaker Stands and Pricing

How much should a speaker stand cost? The answer can vary from "not much," to "surely, you jest." And it can make or break a speaker sale... Read more
For Audiophiles the term "mid-fi" is a five-letter word that means exactly what most four-letter words mean. Steven Stone thinks it's time to move on... Read more
Given a choice, even musicians would like to have a great-sounding audio system. But most young musicians don't think they can afford one. They can, and it's our job to let them know that they can... Read more
Older audiophiles have a tendency to wax poetic about "the good old days" of audio. My question is simple - When were they, exactly? Read more

What Will $10 Get 'Ya?

You want an affordable powered speaker? How about under $10 a pair? And how about they don't sound bad either... Read more

What is Mid-fi?

Nowadays even $30 T-amps from EBAY sound pretty darned good. Perhaps its time to reexamine our old audiophile concept of "mid-fi"? It's not about price anymore, it's about sound and how much attention is paid to sound... Read more
Mirage has created the OMD-5 speaker, which is a compact loudspeaker that could very well be the be all end all as far as a desktop speaker is concerned. Continue reading to find out why. Read more

Music Matters at Listen Up

Audiophiles aren't born out of an appreciation for clean sound. They are born out of an appreciation for music. That is why events like this Music Matters event at Listen Up are important. Read more
Steven Stone likes to swap out his system seasonally, for very specific reason, but even though he swaps down price wise, it is interesting to note that he does not make a huge swap down in quality. Read more
In the current economy, value is seemingly king. But that doesn't mean that quality has to be sacrificed to this new king. There are many great speakers available for less than $5000 per pair. Read more

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