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Vacuum tubes

are the most sexy, elusive and magical element of all of high end audio. The glowing tube, the single ended tube - it's enough to make an audiophile cry with tears of joy. Maybe tubes aren't as powerful or as accurate as solid state designs but there is just something thrilling about tubes that can't be beat. Ask anyone with McIntosh or Audio Research and they will tell of the sound. It's truly something to behold.

The Sound of Parts

Steven Stone wonders about the sound of one hand clapping... Read more
Roger Skoff Listens to live music and looks at why recordings will never get it right... Read more

Leave it on!

Roger Skoff looks why it's a better idea to leave your audio gear permanently on instead of powering it down. It may even save you money... Read more

Tubes Rule! Really?

A day before the ides of March, Steven Stone asks the rather basic question - why are tubes better than solid state? Read more
Tubes are hard to find in general. Good tubes are even harder to track down. Andrew Robinson offers up a few places on the internet that can help feed those audiophile tube urges. Read more

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