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What is Good Bass?

We audiophiles use the term "good bass" a lot. But does the term have a concrete definition? Steven Stone thinks not... Read more
Subwoofers. Sure, they can sound awful. But just because they CAN sound badly (and disturb the neighbors in the process) is no reason to avoid them. A well set-up subwoofer can make a system sing and kick out the jams... Read more
Dealing with bass in an apartment setting can be difficult. It's one thing if you want to shake your floors and walls. It is quite another when you are also shaking your neighbors'. Fortunately, there is a solution. Read more
There can be a lot of equipment involved with setting up a subwoofer. Which also means a lot of time. However, there is an easy and quick way to do it. It is called the "quick and dirty flip flop." Read more
A huge complaint by many users is that they can hear their subwoofer humming, which they find distracting. Well, now there is a solution offered in the Outlaw Audio OAW3 Wireless Audio System. Check it out. Read more
Everyone knows for a proper system set-up, you need a subwoofer. But what about having more than one subwoofer? Is the old idea that more is better true when it comes to subwoofers? Read more

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