The History of High End Audio

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In the early 90s, Gordon Gow came to a Mac dealer in Coral Springs Fla giving a lecture. His tech, Dave, had a clinic going. I bought in a Nad 3240 amp that I thought was not acting right and it dropped dead on the test. I actually videotaped this session. Gordon Gow was a pleasure to hear. The thing I remember best was that he called us humans "digital" saying that we could function if we lost and arm etc...

In the 1950s,I had two relatives who lived in New Rochelle, NY that had mono tube fm Fisher receivers. If you had them on a good speaker system they sounded great. They had a feeling of "class" when I played with their controls and sonics.

I use to hear Fisher stereo tube receivers play in a store around 23rd and Park Ave during the 1960s. I dreamed that I wish I had one of those units with the Empire Grenadier commode speakers.

A 1962 Magnavox console that my family had ran on tubes and had a separate multiplexer in the cabinet.

During the 1970s I built a Stereo 70 Tube Dynaco power amp and used it with a used Pas 3x preamp on Marantz Imperial 6G speakers. But in a Florida climate, the power amp was fighting the air conditioner so I sold it.

My brother had two ESS 3 way Heil air motion tower speakers(AMT something) with Dynaco factory wired Pat 4 and a stereo 120 amplifier. That system sizzled. IMHO, the Pat 4 was an incredible pre-amp because of its sonic features but more so was the phono pre-amp section. There was some kind of circuit that retained the fullness of the sound but took out about 80 percent of the wow,flutter and rumble that worked better than any low filter.

I also built an SCA-80Q int. amp in the 1970s. Good amp with unusally fine sound.

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