The Audiogon Game

Some of my readers enjoyed my audiophile version of HG Network's House Hunters TV show. Some did not. To those I apologize and offer this as a peace offering - The Audiogon Game.

The object is to put together a phantasy system from gear currently available on Audiogon. You have a budget for each component type, but if you use only part of the budget you can apply the remainder to another component. The budget is as follows:


Amplifiers - $2000

Preamp - $2000

Speakers - $2000

Cable and wire - $2000

Source components - $2000

Total budget - $10,000

If it were an actual TV show I'd have three contestants. At the top of the show they would start putting together their lists while each was introduced via a three-minute vid of their current sound reproduction system. After the intros each contestant reveals their put-together Audiogon system.

Then, the fun starts - the show's set-up experts would actually assemble each of the three contestant's systems in three identical rooms and have the three contestants do a blind listening session. Each contestant would then list the systems in order of sonic excellence. The system with the most votes wins.

The most interesting part of the show would be after the system voting was revealed and the contestants discovered which system won. For extra points each contestant could substitute one component from their own Audiogon system list to try and improve the sonics of the chosen system, followed by a blind test of the modified systems and results...

While this show lacks the comic element of my last show idea, I'd love to see how good the final systems would be. I'm betting they'd be worth listening to.

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