It's the room...

AR-roomi1.jpgWhat's the most expensive and least mutable element in your sound reproduction system? The music?  Your turntable? Nope, as the title of the Blog indicates, it's your room.

How many times have you heard audiophiles talking about their rooms? Sure they'll obsess over VTA or the right combination of cabling for optimal neutrality, but how many carry that level of rigor over to the dimensions and sound corrections for those dimension's inevitable sonic issues?

Some people, including myself, feel that even early in the upgrade path when the total system cost is under six figures, money spent on room correction is the most cost-effective sonic improvement you can make in your system. Correct a room's primary sonic issues and you won't have to rely on clever speaker placement or heavy-duty signal processing to fix them later.

We humans have the ability to selectively filter what we hear, which is why audiophiles can "hear around" a bad room if they've spent enough time listening in it. But my own experience indicates that a majority of high-end audio equipment out in the world is laboring in less than acoustically benign environments. Dude, you wouldn't need a pair of 18" monster subwoofers if you had bothered to ameliorate your room's 50 Hz suck-out with a bass trap...

I have a modest proposal, next time you need to ask one of those inevitable audiophile questions that begins with, "What do you think about (X)?" please include the precursor, "My room is..." because that's the component that everything else in your system has to be built around.

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