TV Show Idea - Pimp Your Tunes

AR-pimp6.jpgThe Pitch

Every week an unsuspecting audiophile gets a visit from the Pimp-Your-Tunes gang consisting of a member of the Boston Audio Society (rotating guest slot) Harry Pearson, Dr. Floyd Toole, and Michael Fremer. They have a budget of $100,000 to spend tricking out an audiophile's room.

Show Time Layout

Intro home system and victim - 5 min

Expert walk through - capture their response to the system - 5 min

Experts make suggestions and the victim chooses one - 10 min

The reveal - 5 min

The Wrap

Although this is a how-to show it will have a strong comic element as the experts deliver advice that runs in completely opposite directions. With Lots of opportunities for drama as the experts cross intellectual swords while the victim looks on helplessly while trying to figure out who's advice is best. When the upgrade candidate finally decides on one of the expert's suggestions, expect looks of consternation and protestations from the losers.

Is this a natural for HGTV or what?

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