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How to Serve Raw Frog

Roger Skoff takes a look at why Hi-Fi is declining and why so few of us care... Read more
Roger Skoff Looks at the concept of perfect audio... Read more

Prove It

Steven Stone looks at the issue of who's opinions are believable... Read more

The Ahh Factor

How can you tell when a stereo system is good? Sometimes it's all about how it makes you feel... Read more

On Quality

Roger Skoff looks at what makes a "Quality" audio product... Read more

Classics and Classicness

Roger Skoff looks at what makes a "Classic"... Read more
Roger Skoff Looks at audio criticism and finds too many extremes... Read more
Roger Skoff looks at some ethical issues facing the audiophile press... Read more
Roger Skoff delves into what you can and can't find out from swapping components... Read more

The High End is a Ramjet

Roger Skoff looks at the high-end audio pricing and finds price escalation as an essential part of the business. Read more

Fakes in Vintage Audio

Have you ever seen an intentionally forged or counterfit piece of collectable vintage audio gear? Steven Stone hasn't, but he's still looking... Read more
This week's Friday CD Reviews feature two fine albums from 2002 that should warm the cockles of any folk music fan's heart. Read more
When Steven Stone lived in Boston, parking the car on the street always seemed like the equivalent of putting a pile of money on the curve and hoping it would still be there when you return. Here's some other reasons that high-performance stereos are better than high-performance automobiles Read more
Every Audio component ever made came in a box. Multiply by the total number of audio components in your system and that can be a lot of boxes. What do you do with all those boxes? Throw 'em away? Put them in the closet? Rent a storage locker? Have a big bonfire once a year? Read more

What's Really Selling?

The world is changing. What's red hot now can be colder than a white russian in 1921 inside of a couple of months. All it takes is the flash of the latest press release. And record sales? Well, don't bet on Jazz at the Pawnshop making a comeback any time soon... Read more

A "Good" Review

What is a good review? It means different things depending on who you are and what your relationship to the product under review might be. Steven Stone believes that good review should be about information... Read more
Everybody is pitching TV shows these days, so I thought I'd share my idea for a killer TV show with a decidedly audiophile bent to it. HGTV, I'm gonna be home all day tomorrow waiting for your call... Read more

On Listening

There is a fundamental question that comes up again and again in the life of an audiophile. That question is: Did I hear a difference? But what exactly does that question mean? Read more

Oh Really, Moments

Everyone has these moments. Moments when someone says something that triggers you. For Steven Stone, there is a very specific trigger that seems to happen quite often at audiophile gatherings. Read more
The landscape of technology is changing and constantly. One of the casualties of this every-changing landscape may be the dedicated sound room. Read on to see why that is a possibility. Read more

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