Ear-Tip Follies


Sometimes bad things happen to good eartips. Sure, this Gizmodo article's tale is a worst-case scenario that implies that ALL in-ear phones are dangerous to your ear's health. That is just plain wrong.

The only eartips that have the right shape, size, and materials to get lodged in your ear canal are the triple-flange ear tips.  With all the soft pillow and foam ear-tips it's virtually impossible to lodge them in your ear canal because they are too large to fit. These kinds of tips work by filling your outer ear canal, not your inner canal.

I only use a triple-flange ear tip when all other options have failed. Even Etymotic earbuds, which come standard with a triple flange, can be re-fitted with larger double-flange tips, which can be a better fit for many users.


The trick with earbuds is that they need a good seal in your ear to reduce outside noise and for good bass response. It doesn't matter if that seal is in your outer or inner ear canal to be effective. So I recommend starting with the largest tips when you are first fitting your earbuds. Use the largest one that makes a good seal.

If you follow this advice, you'll never be "attacked" by your earbuds.

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