Do Cables Really Make A Difference?

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MAKE THIS CUT ON BOTH CABLES. When you are finished, you should be able (with your fingers or using a pair of longnose pliers) to pull each cable's jacket off in one long continuous strip. DO THAT. Carefully take the jacket off each of your two cables, IN ONE PIECE. Then PUT THE JACKETS BACK ON BOTH OF THEM, JUST AS YOU TOOK THEM OFF, Do this (take the jackets off and put them back on again) two or three times, until it's easy to strip or replace the jackets and you can do it in just a few seconds, (NOTE: To make sure that you always put the same jacket back on the same end of the same cable you took it off of, it's a good idea to mark the jackets and the connectors of your cables before the first time you take the jackets off)

AR-cables matter3a.jpgYour "test" cables are now ready, and will allow you to critically evaluate TWO VERSIONS OF THE SAME CABLE, that are of exactly the same materials; the same length; the same (except for the jackets) construction; the same resistance; the same capacitance; the same inductance; the same characteristic impedance; and even the same connectors, to determine if any differences can be heard.

Before starting your experiment, WITH THE JACKETS ON BOTH CABLES, plug them into your System, just exactly as you would if you intended to use them permanently. Let them "burn-in" for at least several hours. Then, begin the test by listening to your system (through your test cables) critically, using one or more of your favorite, very best-sounding recordings. After you have listened to everything, and believe that you are certain that you know what the System sounds-like set up that way, DOING NOTHING ELSE, AND MAKING NO OTHER CHANGES OF ANY KIND, PULL THE JACKETS OFF BOTH TEST CABLES AND LISTEN AGAIN, using exactly the same recordings played at exactly the same levels.

Then write in and tell us all what you heard. DO IT! It's easier than it sounds, and not only will it give us all a chance to finally settle this thing, once and for all, but it will give YOU the opportunity you've always wanted to be a "golden-eared" reviewer with an appreciative world-wide audience.

Think of the fun you're going to have. GO DO IT NOW!

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