Ten Basic and Fortunately Unwritten Rules of Audio


Please feel free to add your own rules to the list:

1. When no sound comes out when you push the "ON" button, that's when the fun really starts

2. Two channel stereo needs to have both channels working to create the stereo effect. More channels are optional.

3. Good music is whatever you want to listen to right now. Bad music is everything else.(credit to George Carlin)

4. Nothing ever sounds as good as it will sound when you get a new component.

5. People who actually use their ears for listening agree that not all wire sounds the same.

6. Using the words "scientifically impossible" means never having to listen to the sonic attributes of anything ever again.

7. The more drivers a speaker uses, the more problems the speaker designer must solve. No drivers means no problems.

8. When you clip a power amplifier you must put your hat, or toupee, on backwards. If you unclip an amplifier you have to chase it down.

9. Listening to the imaging on a car stereo is roughly akin to watching a bumble bee fly.

10. If high fidelity were easy everyone who owned a boombox would be an audiophile.

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