Whales Dolphins and Minnows, Oh My!


According to a post in Today's Digital Music News, 50% of Kickstarter donations come from only 3% of Kickstarter fans.

I've been involved in a number of Kickstarter "campaigns" on the donating end. And while The article doesn't furnish exact donation amounts that trigger the various categories, which were developed by Derrick Fung of Tuenzy (another self-funding site), I suspect I'm only a "dolphin," or someone who has made some donations, but not as much as a big-spending whale.


My question to you is simple - are you a Dolphin, a Minnow, or a Whale?

And for the sake of clarity, under $100 is Minnow, $100 to $1000 is a Dolphin, and over $1000 is a Whale. 

Anyone up for a Nantucket sleigh ride?

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