How Safe is Your iPod?

AR-otter2.jpgLast week as I was surfing one of my favorite watch sites, Time Zone, I noticed a thread from a guy who's wife dropped and cracked her iPhone after only three weeks of ownership.

"Well," I thought smugly, "I've got you beat by a mile. I dropped my iPod Touch into a toilet after less than 24 hours of ownership." I also had it repaired. The drop was caused by the iPod Touch's super-slick exterior. And by "super-slick" I'm not referring to high-tech style, but to the ultra-slippery chrome backside. Short of a neoprene suit, I can't think of a single fabric that supplies any resistance to prevent an iPod from slipping and sliding around in your pocket, subject to the vagaries of direction and gravity. 

It was gravity that was my undoing. I leaned forward over the toilet while reaching into the tub to empty used clumping kitty litter when the iPod slipped out of my breast pocket and, plunk, right into the clean but H2O-filled toilet. The result was instant death.

Fortunately, I'd had the foresight to purchase a Square Trade insurance policy. So I sent my defunct iPod off to United Camera Repair, where they repaired the water damage for $110. (paid for by Square Trade). While I was waiting for this third gen Touch to return from repair I bought a new 4th gen iPod Touch AND a really good case.

I chose an Otterbox Defender case I've had it over eight months now and it's saved my iPod countless times - from three-foot drops onto hardwood floors and pointy objects in my front pants pocket.

The best thing about the Defender is that not only does it protect an iPod from shocks and drops, but it also has a screen cover to protect it from crack-inducing forces. The Defender uses a hard plastic inner shell covered by a silicon outer casing. The silicon casing provides a moisture-tight seal as well as a textured outer surface that prevents the iPod from slipping around in your pocket. The case also makes it much easier to hold the iPod touch. My typing speed improved by leaps and bounds due to the better grip.

If you're like me and your iPod Touch or iPhone never leaves your side, you should look into the Otterbox case. It's certainly the best $50 I've spent on an iPod accessory. And I don't consider it merely an accessory - an Otterbox is as essential to the day-to-day operation of my iPod as its OS.

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